A Special Story Time

Dear Children of Harbinger,

I hope you are well, I am missing my story assemblies and look forward to the day I can stand in front of you and tell you a story! In the meantime I hope you are all reading every day and enjoying books just as much as I am.

Please click the link below to hear a story read aloud by two 'sort of famous' people! The story is called 'The Word Collector'. I would love to know what you think of the book. Shaju our librarian has sent this link and if you enjoy it I am sure he can find some more stories read aloud, maybe Shaju can do a read a story for you all too.

Keep reading and keep smiling.
Much love


Ameenah - Jubeda your stories are to GOOD listen to!!!

Hana - I like Jubeda’s stories and I miss hearing them so if she took a video of her telling them I would be really happy!

Jubeda - Thank you, I love telling stories and especially to the all the wonderful, beaming and interesting faces that look up at me during assembly. The children are absolutely delightful and make such thoughtful contributions.

Mum - Jubeda my children absolutely love your stories in assembly time.

They have retold them to me so many times. I reckon it’s been word from word as well.
You just have a great way of telling them.

There have been a couple of weird, spooky ones that they have especially loved.

It’s a really nice thing to have a story shared in a big assembly with them all together.

I know they look forward to all your assemblies.

Ameenah - I love this story

Ameenah - I love this story

Oma - I love this!

Humayra Rume - He must be really smart. the more you know the more smarter you get.
Keep reading everyone!!!

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"Children express their thoughts clearly and communicate with each other enthusiastically as they learn."

- Ofsted, 2019