Jet Class - Natural History Museum

The children have been learning about Evolution and Inheritance. Their task was to search the museum for clues - Who was Mary Anning? What evidence can you find to suggest that animals have evolved over time? How are certain animals adapted to their environment?


???????? - It was a great experience

Sumayya - I think I went there with my class

Nusrat - I remember when I went there!!!

Ellie - I loved it! so much history!

Imran - That was fun

Asha - I had such a great time looking around in the museum. It was so interesting!

wassim - I am there. How cool

I wish I was there but I was at Bangladesh ???? - I wish I was there but I was at Bangladesh

"Pupils who have special educational needs or disability make good progress in reading, writing and mathematics. This is because pupils are identified effectively and offered the support they need quickly."

- Ofsted, 2016