Sapphire and Diamond Class - The Man From Story Mountain

Pic 1 - Diamond and Sapphire had a very special guest join them today - The Man from Story Mountain. We learned about the Indigenous aboriginal people of Australia, their way of life and even some tribal dances.

Picture 2 - We learned about how the (yidaki) didgeridoo was first used in Australia.

Picture 3 - Can you guess which animal dance we are doing? It is called the Dunwan dance.


Alaa - It was fun and I got a book called The Diamond Ship autographed by Adrian.

Mom - Can we have the chessington pictures

Adrian Beckingham - Thank you for a lovely day in your school. One small correction for this Web page the dance name is Dinuwan

"Pupils are happy and say that they enjoy coming to school"

- Ofsted, 2016