EYU - Milwall Fire Station

We went to Milwall Fire Station on Tuesday 26th September with Sun Reception children.

We had the opportunity to spray water, as well as ride a 'real life' fire engine.


Leione - Ohhhhhh ma-god there soooooo adorable

Nazmin begum - yeah i wanna be small again when my sister was in year 6 and I always shouted her name and I also want to go in that fire truck to see what fire people do for thier job

Nazmin Begum - I wish i was there but if i was and i was little i bet i will be so scared

nazmin begum - i bet the little children were brave when i was in the EYU we didn't do this

scarlett92 - So cute! Look at those little firemen!

Abrar - I want to be little

i miss being in the EYU so much - I miss being in the EYU so much

Jannat - I want to be small now

Jumana - where is Samiya my sister?

danielle - I wanted to come

jaziah - Where is Jaylen my brother?

India - The eyus were very brave

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"Leaders and staff take pupils’ emotional well-being extremely seriously."

- Ofsted, 2016