Visitors to the EYU

Meera and Heather came to talk to the Reception children about how they are leaving home to go and study. We saw a picture of Meera on her last day of school and they both talked about how hard they had worked at school to get their places at university. Heather is going to study Chemistry and she showed the children a bubbly experiment. Then Meera who is going to study Engineering showed the children how to make wheels. Both girls stayed and helped the children make their own "wheels".


Leione - Awww there soooooo cute

Scarlett 92 - There so creative with the crafts!!

Scarlett 92 - Ahh! Look at those cuties and Asia!

Maryam Jannat Abdul-Quayum - Everybody looks so cute

Nazmin Begum - Same Jannat. I love everybodies crafts

danielle - You look ready to learn

Jumana - I wish that my little sister suhana was there

Jannat - I like everybody's crafts

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"Children in the early years unit enjoy a wide range of exciting learning experiences"

- Ofsted, 2016