Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is additional funding allocated to all schools to support disadvantaged pupils; those who are cared for, adopted or eligible for free school meals.

Nationally there is evidence which shows that disadvantaged children perform less well at school than others, creating an achievement ‘gap’. At Harbinger we are committed to ensuring all children achieve to the best of their ability and, in keeping with our school aims, develop into confident individuals, successful learners and valuable citizens. In order to achieve this, we use research and evidence to support decisions on how the money can be spent in order to secure best value and the most beneficial outcomes. We refer to the Education Endowment Foundation Teaching and Learning Toolkit, the 2015 Pupil Premium Summit Report and “Supporting the attainment of disadvantaged pupils: articulating success and good practice” November 2015

We monitor impact to assess effective expenditure.

We understand that children may still be disadvantaged whilst not eligible for the pupil premium and that not all children who are eligible for pupil premium are disadvantaged. We are an inclusive school with high expectations of all children, and committed to ensuring equal access to excellent education for all.

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2019-20

Pupil Premium Strategy Review 2018-19

Pupil Premium Strategy Review 2017-18

Pupil Premium Strategy Review 2016-17

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2016-17

2015-16 Pupil Premium Impact Statement

"Children express their thoughts clearly and communicate with each other enthusiastically as they learn."

- Ofsted, 2019