Reception - Huddle at the Unicorn Theatre

Reception children took a trip to the Unicorn Theatre, to see their production of Huddle. Back at school the children drew pictures of the penguin characters and of scenes from the show. Talking about his picture one child said: "The dad is waiting until the egg cracks into a baby." Another said: "The egg is hatching and the baby's face is showing"


Scarlett - That must of been very exciting on that trip!!😉

Hishams mum - Hisham told me he had a lot of fun and told me the story that was played. I recognise his picture as he also done some at home. Thank you teachers and parents who went on the trip.

"Pupils who have special educational needs or disability make good progress in reading, writing and mathematics. This is because pupils are identified effectively and offered the support they need quickly."

- Ofsted, 2016