Sunstone Class - Fire Station Visit

Sunstone Reception visited the fire station on Wednesday 31st October. The fire fighters talked about their job and fire safety. Then the children had the opportunity to sit in the fire engine look at the equipment and have a go with the hose.


Deen - I enjoyed going to the station, when we went to the fire engine trip, because there was lots of exiting things to see I just wanted to thank all the teachers who came.

yunus - I remember doing this

Malak - Hi am Sami’s 8 year old sister and just to say it’s so........COOOOOOOOLLL

Hisham’s mum - We found out a lot of new facts and information of fire safety in the home and of what kind of things the firefighters do. The men working there were good at answering children’s questions and showing them around.

Hisham’s mum - The children had a great time, so did the parents 😎

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- Ofsted, 2016