Amber Class - Science Week 2017

During Science Week, Amber Class decided to carry out an experiment to see whether cornflour was a solid or a liquid.

First we put cornflour into a tray, then we added a small amount of water a little at a time and watched what happened.

We predicted that it would make white water but in fact we found out it became both a solid and a liquid and could change between both!

You could roll it into a ball and crumble it back into a thick liquid. 

We got very messy doing this experiment as the mixture was very sticky! We had so much fun!


Tishia - Everybody looks so cheered up !

Predica - It looks so fun Amber class . Umbra looks like she was enjoying the powder so much

Luke - Wow! Cool, it's a great piece of science!

Djamila - That looked fun❤️😂

Karen - Great pics Amber class!

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