Amber Class - Split-pin Animal Puppets

This half term Amber class have been making some split-pin animal puppets in Design and Technology. We have learnt that there are lots of different types of puppets from string puppets to finger puppets. We looked closely at how they were made and used these ideas to plan our own. We practised lots of joining and finishing techniques before we made our own. We hope you like our final product!


Hana - My little sister Jada did a good job so did everyone else.

Hana - I think they all did a great job

Sami and Qassim - These puppets look amazing!!!!

Tishia - Nice Puppets

Danielle - They look like they are all going to go to a sharing assembly.

Jannat - I like your puppets.

Jannat - I like your pictures.

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"Pupils, in all year groups, are keen to learn. They speak with confidence about what they are learning and display consistently strong attitudes to their work."

- Ofsted, 2016