Opal Class - Yoga Lessons

This half term, Opal class have been staying fit and healthy by taking part in yoga lessons.


Jasmin - I will miss yoga because Claire is leaving today and she has a new job at a new school ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

Aimee - Hey opal class, yoga was so much fun and look I'm in your class! Emily, Yanis and Nasrin I bet you loved yoga let me say a joke
Everyone was so desperate to do yoga that they couldn't hold it! ha ha ha 😧😟🙄😀

Nasrin - I love yoga

Nsjahan - Yoga is so fun I’m actually getting really flexible and I’ve learned new tricks

Yanis - I’m in your class

Emily - I’m your clone hehehe

Opal Class - We love stretching and balancing in yoga. We had fun lifting each other up. Bit by bit, we are getting more flexible. Claire is very happy with us. Yoga is a lot of fun!

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