Topaz Class - Woodlands Farm

Topaz class had a fantastic day at Woodlands Farm on Tuesday 21st February. We collected treasures from the garden in a scavenger hunt, visited the animals and learnt about their uses on a farm, planted cress seeds and investigated what plants need to grow healthily and used 'leaf lookers' to learn about how plants use light and water to make their own food. What a brilliant time we had!


Alamin - That trip was amazing. We are going to go on another trip after the Halloween holiday

Nusrat - I hope they had a nice time

Ayana - I love animals and I touched some of the animals.👏

Tishia - That place looks amazing! I wish I was there with all of yous!

jannat - I loved it!!!!!👍🏻👌👌👍🏻

Jannat - I loved it so much

malak - I had a lovely day

Rowan - We had a lovely trip!

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