Opal and Turquoise Classes - The Book of the Dead

In Ancient Egyptian times, people believed that after you died you made the journey to the afterlife. In the afterlife, everything was perfect and you could live forever! You could take your belongings to the afterlife with you, but only if you were buried with the items you wanted to take. The Egyptians created special books, called The Book of the Dead, which contained instructions and spells to help you to reach the afterlife. In Opal and Turquoise classes, we created our own Book of the Dead by drawing an Egyptian-style portrait and listing the items which an Egyptian might need in the afterlife. We also draw 3D pyramids, which was where Egyptian pharaohs were buried after they had died.


Karen - Wow. I’m so proud Opal and Turquoise. These are all amazing and I can see you have really made an effort. I am loving all of the work for our Ancient Egypt topic!

jayden - I like it

Lj - These are so nice

Charlie’s mum - These are brilliant!

Maya - I like our drawing

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