Diamond and Sapphire Classes - Egyptian Art

Diamond and Sapphire Classes enjoyed a visit from Matthew at Magic Lantern. They learnt lots about ancient Egyptian art and enjoyed recreating it with their bodies.


Sarah - I love Fiona she is the best teacher

Fadumo - I enjoyed it. I liked it and had fun

Unaysah - I love leaning new things.

unaysah - I enjoy maths, I think Fiona is an amazing teacher.

Zerrouk - I enjoyed learning about Ancient Egypt????

ana - It was awesome and I loved it so much.

Hana - I am so happy I was the role model 👚👖👢👓👒💄👜💟📕

Hana - That was fun

"The curriculum is skilfully organised to provide pupils with a wide range of learning activities through themed topics, taking into account the national curriculum."

- Ofsted, 2016