Year 4 - Gorsefield 2018

The latest pictures from our adventure at Gorsefield.


fadumo - I loved everything in gorsfield

Aden - I wish I was there! Goresfield sounds lke so much fun

Sarrinah Islam - Bike riding was my favourite part of Goresfield!

scarlett92 - I already miss Gorsefeild, soo much!! If you are in y3 get ready for freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!

rudy - My sister went there

Ananya - I enjoyed it at Gorsefield

abrar-sapphire - I was there it was amazing if you are reading this and you in yr3 you must gooooo!!!!!!!!!

fadumo - i really loved goresfield and i want to go back. my favourite bit was the man hunt also spending time with my friends and sleeping

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- Ofsted, 2016