Sapphire Christmas Party

With special guests... Father Christmas and Elfie.


scarlett - Santa and his sidekick did fortnite dances and really the whole thing was fun! happy Xmas everybody!

Fiona - Ha ha. Thank you. But, credit needs to go to you parents I think! ❤️

Cokey - Amazing

Harbinger mum - Fiona, you are amazing too. Thank you for your work with the children. Harbinger children are the happiest on the island, thanks to all the great teachers. I shall make sure I know the class teacher before commenting next time. 😉

Fiona - Jessica is fabulous. However, Sapphire are taught by Fiona this year. Luckily, she LOVES taking and uploading picture for the school community to see too. 😀

Harbinger mum - Jessica is a great teacher and she always captures moments of the children to share with the parents on here. She is energetic and enthusiastic.

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"Early years leaders enable children to develop their language skills swiftly."

- Ofsted, 2019