Jet Class - Science Week 2017

Jet Class celebrated British Science Week by inviting our parents in for a science morning. We discovered how to blow up a balloon using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, created rainbow effects by adding washing up liquid to food colouring and milk and made slime out of cornflour and water. We had a lot of fun and learnt about the chemical reactions which caused the changes we observed.


Farishah☺😄💖💝 😌 - I wish that we could do it was fun l think that they all love it.

Humaira from mulbery school - That looks fun

michelle - I know right it was super messy and the worst part was tidying up

Robbie - Love it

Redwan Tafadar - I did science week and it was so fun. We made a balloon blow. My parents came as well!

Farishah - I love science. I really want to do it more and it was messy.


Noah - I loved that day and it was really exciting for us and jet class :)

Luke - So boss!!

Shakira - That was great and it was messy.

Tishia Kabir - We did the the science experiments aswell but it was not as messy as before!
We also had parents with us in the evening. We made some slime but then we did not have time to turn it into a proper slime. My group was the messiest and somebody in our class broke a plate as well. It was really fun but it was terrible because I had to take a shower straight after I went home .
You might wonder why . It's because I smelled of Vinegar ! OK I hope you had fun Jet Class ! Bye Bye.

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